Jumma & Gyarmee Sharif

Madina Sharif & Baghdad Sharif

Madina Sharif & Baghdad Sharif

Jumma & Gyarmee Mubarak!.. We wish all a blessed & prosperous day.

Ya – Allah! 

Forgive our sins,be it them done intentively or incidentily.

Ya – Allah! 

Bless all with fortunate & Good Health, Wealth, Peace & prosperity & strong Faith (Imaan!).

Ya – Allah!

 Keep our children away from Evil & promote them to do Good.

Ya – Allah!. 

  Make us loyal & a strong contributer to the success of our countries (Mother Lands) . Make us Honest & Good personalities. Make us to help the Poor, Needy & the disadvantaged. 

Ya – Allah! 

  Shower the blessings of Hazoor Paak upon us. (Peace be upon Them)

Ya – Allah!..

   Bless & forgive all our deceased. Elevate their status.

Ya – Allah!.

  Protect us from Inhumanity & Evil. 

Ya – Allah! 

  We pray for World Peace & respect for all Humanity, without  any form of discreminatiom as we are all your creations.
Ya – Allah!  

Eliminate Clamity & suffering in the world.

Ya – Allah!

Reunite families with lost loved ones.
Ya- Allah!

It is Gyarmee Sharif today, bless us with blessings of Baghdad Sharif, Enhancing our faith & Spirituality.



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