Message translated in English Means: Oh! Khwaja! Only Khwaja
Message translated in English Means: Oh! Khwaja! Only Khwaja 

Urs is celebrated on 1st Rajab 1438 ( Thursday 30th March 2017)
Depending on the Lunar date of your country.
His titles are Qutubul Aqtab and Qutbud Deen. He is also known by the titles Shama’ Sufiyan (The Candle of the Sufis) and Chiragh-e-Chishtiyan (The Lamp of the Chishtis).
He was born in the year 430 Hijri and was a Husaini Sayyid. His father was Khwajah Abu Yusuf from whom he had received the mantle of Khilaafate.

By the age of 7 years he was a Hafiz of the Qur’aan and at 16 he had completed the course of Uloom-e-Zaahiriyyah. It was during this time (after completion of his academic career) that he wrote the kitaabs, Minhajul Aarifeen and Khulasatush Shariat.
When he was 29 years, his father died. He discharged the right of his father’s office commendably in guiding mankind. So numerous were the people who flocked to him for spiritual and moral guidance that his khulafaa alone numbered ten thousand while his mureedeen were countless.
He had acquired the miracle of Tay’ul Ardh (i.e. to traverse great distances in moments). When he wished to perform tawaaf, he would in moments be miraculously in Makkah Mukarramah.
He associated much with the Fuqara, never wearing beautiful garments. The degree of his tawaadhu (humility) was exceptionally lofty in perfection. He was always the first to initiate Salaam and he would stand in honour of every person.
He had also acquired the capabilities known as Kashf-e-Quloob (Revelation of the hearts) and Kashf-e-Quboor (Revelation of the graves). Once a prince came to him and requested for some tabarruk (any item of the Shaikh). Shaikh Madood refused. The prince brought along a few sincere persons to intercede for him. Thus, the Shaikh presented the prince a topi. But he added: “Guard it otherwise you will regret.” On his return the prince became engrossed in his play and amusement. When the Shaikh discovered this, he said:
“What, did the topi not perform its function?”
After a few days, the prince was arrested for some crime and his eyes were taken out.
It is impossible to enumerate Khwajah Maudood’s Khulafaa. For the sake of barkat, a few are mentioned hereunder.
Khwajah Abu Ahmad, Khwajah Shareef Zandani, Shah Sanjan, Shaikh Abu Naseer Shakeeban, Shaikh Hasan Tibti, Shaikh Ahmad Baderoon, Khwajah Sabz Paush, Shaikh Uthman Awwal and Khwajah Abul Hasan. Among them, the link in this (Chishti) Silsilah is Khwajah Shareef Zandani who will soon be discussed.
His Demise
Shaikh Maudood passed away in the beginning of Rajab 427 Hijri at the age of 97 years. His first Janaazah Salaat was performed by invisible (ghaib) men. Thereafter the general public performed the Janaazah Salaat. After the Janaazah Salaat, the Janaazah of its own accord, moved in mid-air. Seeing this miraculous event of Khwajah Maudood, numerous people accepted Islam.
His grave is in Chisht in Afghanistan.

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