Asslam Alikum & Hello! (Peace to all!)
I would like to inform you all of the New ventures currently coming into play over the next month.
Website :
This website is endorsed by my Peer sahib (Khadims of Ajmer sharif). The website specifically looks at the relationship between Disciple (Murid)  and master (Murshid). It looks at the science of the relationship and gives information and guidance on to the journey of reality.
website :
This website I am personally  building at moment. It will be specifically based on gaining knowledge on Hazoor Pak Mohammed (Peace be upon them) and the 4 Kulfa-e-Rashadin.
This is the blog i am writing this message from. In the future I will be using this blog site to write all my messages out. They will then get posted on Facebook and Twitter on Auto ..Inshallah!
The blog will be used to update masses on topics of Sufi Spirituality..such as Urs dates and Days. SUFI Knowledge base..etc…etc.
Kind Regards & Salaam
Tariq Mahmood Chishty Niazi – Halifax,UK.
Disciple of: Hazrat Haji PEER Syed Farough Ahmed Chishty Niazi, Chief Moallim & Khadim – Ajmer Sharief -INDIA.

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