Flag Hostinng  ( 25th Jamadi-ul-Thani -Monday 4th April 2016)

Most of the people are not aware of the fact that the Annual Urs commences with flag Hoisting  at Buloand Darwaza on 25th Jamadi ul Thani . This year this is approx Monday  4th of April 2016.
On the visibility of the moon for the month of Rajab,there comes a change in the daily routine which is generally held at the Holy Shrine.
The Main entrance of the Holy Shrine which in ordinary days is closed at night is not closed and is kept open throughout the day and night (Barring 2 to 3 hours at night) during the six days of Urs.   All other daily and weekly programmes are suspended and few functions and ceremonies commence from that night.  It is significant to note that Janati Darwaz is also opened on 29th of Jamadi ul Thani and is kept open upto sixth of Rajab (Day and Night).  From 25th Jamadi ul Thani (Friday 8th April 2016, the time of Khidmat at the holy shrine is changed from  3pm  to  8pm.

Qul Day  (6th Rajab- Approx 14th April 2016)

The Sixth day of the month of Rajab, the ceremony of Qul is held . This is considered to be the most important day and people just after morning prayer begin to gather in Dargah premises round the Holy Shrine as closest as possible. They recite Holy Quran,Darood,.Etc. All the time and pray for the blessings from the Holy Saint.   The  entrance for the people into the shrine  (Except Khadims) are closed from 10 am.  The Khadims (The real custodians of the Shrine) start Qul Ceremony by reciting Quran, Darood and Shajra-E-Chishtiyah and other verses.  They pray for the benefit of the people, for peace, prosperity and happiness and also for the blessing of the Holy Saint for all those who  attend the Urs personally or contribute in Fateha by sending their devotional amount (Nazar & Niyaz) by Money order and Drafts for URS function, through them.

Ghusal  (9th Rajab –  Approx  17th April 2016)On the 9th of RAJAB Mazare-Aqdas is washed by rose water. Thus URS is concluded


Ajmer Sharif Mazar Aqdas timings India

             Gates are opened                 Gates are closed

                5 A.M.                                      1 A.M.

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