Dimensions of Sufi Mysticism & relation of Sufi Master & Disciple


Mysticism Defined

Sufi Mysticism is not a creed. It is a need taking an individual out of the weed.
Sufi Mysticism is a voyage of discovery within.
Sufi Mysticism is not a secret  in itself but the Divine Secret unveiled.
Sufi Mysticism is an experiment in human relations.
Sufi Mysticism is to rise above temptations and temporary phases of day to day life.
Mysticism, in fact, constitutes the heritage of humanity. People, professing different religions, following different customs, adhering to different mores, practising different norms and usages, speaking different languages, following different standards of life and living in different continents, countries and climes and constituting one big family, are its co-shares.
Truth is nobody’s monopoly.
Truth is indivisible,inalienable and absolute.
Sufi Mysticism is a mystery. This mystery has been unfolded by those knowing it-the mystics. There is no trifling with the secrets of mysticism.  It has been true and it is true. It has been grave and a little severe.  It defies incompetency.  It resents faithlessness. It laments mediocrity, vanity and pedantry.
It takes into the bosom those who are found fit for it. It accepts those who serve and stand and wait.
It takes into its confidence those who see, but do not speak. Those who speak divulge the secret.
It reveals its secrets to the competent,the deserving,to the truthful and the pure in heart and mind,expecting that the spiritual guide has so moulded them.

The Sufi Spiritual Guide

A spiritual Guide, then is something more than a friend, philosopher or guide to his spiritual disciple. He is his best well-wisher. He stands by him through thick and thin. Just as a potter moulds the clay and makes different articles, so in the same way the spiritual guide moulds the spiritual disciple, tunes his temperament and makes him a new person. As a potter feels proud of his pottery so does the spiritual guide of this spiritual disciple.
The Spiritual Guide gives the spiritual disciple his attention, his care, his good wishes and above all, his inner knowledge.

 The Spiritual Disciple

There cannot be a right without a corresponding duty. The Spiritual disciple likewise owes certain duties and obligations to his spiritual guide.  The spiritual disciple must have unflinching faith in his spiritual guide.. He should exhibit unflagging zeal for his spiritual advancement.
Love for his spiritual guide should be his watchword.
Surrender is his armour. Submission is his shield and unquestioned faith in his spiritual guide is his equipment with which he is sure to conquer the inner conflicts and the Battle of Doubt and diffidence.

Times of tension

In times of stress and strife and in periods of tension and in moments of anguish,when the world appears to be dark and none appears to come to his rescue, and when hope has forsaken him and when courage has deserted him,and when harmony has left him,and when temptations have seized him, and when evil machinations have caught hold of him,he has one sure remedy, one way and one thing to do at such a time of crisis.

The solution 

It is to Visualize the face of his spiritual guide,to concentrate his attention upon it, to see nothing else but his face. That is a sure and simple panacea of all these evils.

The Fruit of Disobedience

The spiritual disciple who is critical,suspicious, disobedient, impertinent, Disloyal unfaithful to his spiritual guide, it seems, has signed his/her own death warrant.   He is Dead spiritually. He has ceased to live happily. He has invited trouble for himself which nobody can avert.
The Curse of the spiritual guide will follow him/her wherever he goes, in whatever he does and wherever he lives like the sword of Damocles it will hang over his head ever and anon.
The relationship, then is just like the two sides of a coin.

(This is a series of postings to come on the subject of Sufi Mysticism. The postings will give in depth knowledge in the complete world & ultimate sphere of Sufi spirituality )

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