Donation Appeal for a junior (Madrassa) school in Ajmer.

Karin Village School- Ajmer
Karin Village School- Ajmer

The Madrassa ( school ) near the Karin Village in Ajmer is Incomplete. It is the only  School in the village.  We request & urge all, to please assist by donating towards  the final phase & completion of this School.
This school will provide local children with teaching whom otherwise, would travel long journeys to the nearest school or be left deprived from essential education.
Therefore we call all to make their Maximum charitable donations​ to this noble cause & thus earn blessings. (Sawabe -Daren).
You can send your donations and offerings for all causes to via Western Union or Money Gram. If you are unable to do this then we urge you to contact us for further instructions.
please contact: Peer Sahib on :
0091 982 917 2652 or
0091 982 8888 199 or
0091 982 8111  592
0091 978 364 6668  or or
.Thank you!…. Jazak-Allah!

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