Invitation to 806th Ajmer Sharif Urs 1439 Hijri/ 2018

Begins from 18 th March to 27 th March 2018.
If you would like to come to Ajmer Sharif to the annual Urs of Hzrt Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty (R.A), please inform me at once inorder, for preparations can be made for your visit. Such as accomodation, transportation, food provisions..etc, while your stay in Ajmer.
If for some reason you are unable to attend the Annual Urs in person then you can participate by contributing towards the Urs Sharif (Nazr-O-Niaz) by donating any amount via Western Union or Money Gram. Or you can deposit your amount into my account given below and let me know by phone or Email.
Remember in future,if you would like to take part by making an offering for Fathia, Nazar-o-Niaz, Qurbani,or Gyarmee ,Chattie fathia sharif or you would like to take part in Urs of Wali-Allah’s (All Sufi Saint’s from all Silsila’s); you can send your heartily offerings & donations direct to us safely now! or in the future.
You can put you donations to these causes in the following account your self in person. This the most safest method.
Haji Farough Ahmed Niazi,
ACCOUNT NO: 00330110073902.
AJMER 305001
It is a request of all faithful devotees & whoever else so wishes to contribute to the Dargah sharif, to safely deposit in the above account.
Also in the Mosque inside Darbar Sharif we can arrange for Dua-e -karima, khatam-e- khwajgan, Dua-e-Shifa,Ayate karima and similar dua’s on your behalf . We can arrange for food to be made in Big deg & Small deg at Darbar . You can also participate in part contribute towards these degs by contributing a small amount of what ever you can afford.
Do not give donations to any collectors on the streets or those who come knocking on your door in the name of Ajmer Sharif. These are not genuine people.
If your “Wish” (Mannat) has come true then, do not delay in fulfilling your ‘Thanks giving’ in return (Mannat Uttarna), this is very important.
If you would like to make a “Wish” (Mannat) in Ajmer Sharif & are unable to attend in person then contact me in the first instance. I will personally tie your ‘Wish string’ in the Dargah sharif for you.
Haji Peer Syed Farough Ahmed Chishty Niazi Gaddi nashin & Cheif Moullim Khwaja sahib dargah Sharif,Po box no 6 , Ajmer 305001 India.
Tel: 0091 982 917 2652 or 0091 9983 348 428,
(whatsApp! Enabled )
Website :
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