Positive thoughts and good attributes in personality.


The contribution of Mysticism

Mysticism, thus means and implies close co-operative effort, mutual collaboration and well defined community of interest.
The bounty of nature enabled us to live, but we should be grateful to mysticism which has enabled its devotees to lead a full and better life. Without any fear of contradiction, itself can be said that to live better is of greater consequence than the transient life itself.
To live is one thing, to  live better is another thing. Many people actually do not live, they merely exist. A higher standard of living does not depend on material comforts. It rather depends on culture, sweetness and light and on things that make life more graceful and gracious.
This means that life led in conformity with the canons and within the framework of the mystical code, constitutes a pattern of better living.
Life has an end in view. The end may be good or bad, but mysticism stresses that the end in view should be good, and further, that the means to the end must be equally good and noble. This means and implies that the actions or the means to achieve the end must be good, noble , pure and undefiled.

The Role of the Mystic

Mysticism does not stand for inaction. As a matter of fact, mysticism has taught that it is wise, better, feasible and proper that an individual should act valiantly, hope confidently and wait patiently.
For worldly success it is considered that common sense, tact , knowledge of human nature, tolerance, humour and talent are useful to attain worldly wishes,but worldly wishes should be distinguished from purposes.
Wishes are temporary desire but purposes connote a definite desire. When desire becomes definite, actual and positive, then it assumes the shape of purpose. To achieve a purpose becomes the ideal. It is the great and stable minds which have purposes in view, small and fickle-minded persons have only desires. Great and stable minds are not subdued by hindrances, obstructions or misfortunes, small minds on the contrary are easily led away and cowed down.
A Mystic does not roam in the labyrinth, nor does he wander in the corridor of time. He has a definite aim in view. He is satisfied that his purpose is worthy. He is happy that his plan is wise. He is enthusiastic that his schedule is steadfast and that he has nothing to lose and none to stop him from his desired goal.
He Sows accommodating spirit and reaps in turn good will. He plants kindness and gets in return love.
According to the Sufi Mystics, the gifts and attainments should be harnessed in the service of humanity. It is not enough that there should be light inside the dwellings. It should shine through the window into the dark and dreary long night to guide, to lead, to encourage and to cheer the bewildered traveller or passer-by on the road below.
The Sufi Mystics are men of God. They love peace and they give peace. Their looks act as books. They are men of few words, but they give a louder report than thunder.
The wold is governed more by thoughts than laws. The Judgements of courts are contained in the law reports, but the thoughts of the masses and the classes constitute the chief wall of defence around property, title and rights.
With the growth of civilization and the progress of society, this power of thought has come to assume the power of authority.

Classification of thoughts

Thoughts may be negative or positive.
Thoughts of malice, hatred, rancour, revenge, worry, greed, jealousy, suspicion and miserliness are negative thoughts. They are the real enemies who live within. Negative thoughts lead to depression and pessimism.
Thoughts of kindness, love, forgiveness, generosity, envy, are positive thoughts and good friends. They lead to exaltation and optimism.
In Negative thoughts, the loss of hope constitutes the greatest loss. In positive thoughts, the presence of hope is an aid to happiness and constitutes the greatest gain. The best cosmetic for beauty is happiness. Once hope is dead there is nothing which can save an individual from decay and decline.
In negative thoughts the trend of mind becomes such as to make the whole personality negative. Negative thoughts imply the mental trend to be passive. It is biased or prejudiced. It is obscure. The thoughts are scattered, the mind wanders. It can be called a grasshopper mind. It is shallow, leaving no impact. It is slow and disorganized, it is limited.
Thus positive thoughts, on the other hand, imply and active mental attitude. It is open minded, Frank and free. It is clear and unambiguous. it is  concentrated, fast, deep, organized and unlimited, leading to the harmonious development of personality.
It has been said that “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Likewise it will be true to say that, “As you think, so you act”, and “As you act that you become”.
If an individual concentrates his thoughts on hatred, he becomes full of hatred. If he concentrates on Love,he becomes a person of loving disposition.
If one concentrates his thoughts on revenge, he becomes revengeful. If he thinks deeply of forgiveness, he becomes person of forgiving nature. If an individual thinks of failure, he gets failure. If he focuses his thoughts on success, he gets success. If he thinks of miserliness, he becomes a miser,and if he thinks of generosity, he becomes generous.


In other words, it is for an individual to decide what he would like to have, and what he would like to win. For instant he can have the Bride of Comfort or the Battle life
Every negative thought should be substituted by a positive thought.

(This is a series of postings to come on the subject of Sufi Mysticism. The postings will give in depth knowledge in the complete world & ultimate sphere of Sufi spirituality. The postings are enlisted in Categories : “Sufis Spirituality” (Tasawwuf )  & in “Tasawwuf (Path  of Mysticism).

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