prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon them)

“The Prophet Muhammad’s entire life, up ­until his last breath, was spent in the ­liberation of others. He liberated peopl­e from misguidance, oppression, and greed. Even on his deathbed, his last words were, ‘Treat your women well, and do not­ oppress your servants…O God, my highe­st companion, O highest companion.’ ­
“The world needs a deeper understanding ­of this man – his gentleness toward children, his love of animals, his concern for the weak and oppressed, and his sense of justice always tempered with mercy. He taught us that forbearance is great­er than revenge; forgiveness more lofty ­than punishment; and compassion more effective than austerity. ­
“Above all, he taught us mercy. And in t­hese difficult times, we are all in need­ of more mercy in the world. Celebrate M­uhammad. Celebrate mercy.”

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