Qul Day- 6th RAJAB -Annual Event during Urs Sharif.

Khadims (Custodians & Caretakers) in Prayer at the Shrine of Khwaja Sahib
Khadims (Custodians & Caretakers) in Prayer at the Shrine of Khwaja Sahib
The 6th day of Rajab ( Tuesday 4th April 2017) , The Ceremony of Qul is held. This is considered to be the most important day during Urs. People just after morning prayer begin to gather in Dargah premises around the Holy shrine as closest as possible. They recite Holy Quran, Darood, etc all the time and pray for the blessings from the Holy Saint.
  People are stopped from entering into the shrine  Except  Khadims. Basically the enrance to the Tomb is closed from 10am to all public. The Khadims (The Real Custodians of the shrine) Start Qul Ceremony by reciting Quran, Darood and Shajra-e-Chishtiyah & other verses. They Pray for the benefit of  all the people throughout the world for Peace, Prosperity, Health & happiness and also for the blessing of the Holy Saint for all those whom attended the Urs personally or contributed in Fathia by sedning their devotional amount ( Nazar o Niaz) by money order and Drafts for Urs Function through Khadims.


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