Quranic verses used to remedy all forms of issues.

For many years now many people have been lead to believe that Quranic verses should not be used as Talisman ( To wear around the neck) or, to drink such water or food blessed with these verses after reading and blowing on the product to be consumed.
Many Islamic School of thoughts around the globe prohibit this  and call it Bid’ah (Innovation). However  in the sufi world the blessed Quranic verses have been used  not only to help in many issues but also assist people of other faiths with immense success. This practice by the Sufi world has been going on for centuries,since time immemorial.   So those against the  permissibility  of using Quranic verses are actually infact depriving them self . Especially when people of other faiths are using them with great success & immense achievement. 
After some research we found one sect of Islam “Ahl al-Hadith” also known as “Wahhabism” who propagate against Wearing Talismans and Sufi Healing anatomy were actually encouraging “Aytul Kursi” (A Quranic verse)  to be read upon food and if necessary to be hung around the neck of a person. We found this evidence from one of their school text books as below:

Appeal page  by the institute in-front of the book (Kitaab)

Page showing Ayat (Verses) can be used in many ways.
Page in the “Ahl al-Hadith”(Wahhabism) Kitaab showing that Quranic verses (Aayat) can be used in many ways to resolve many issues. This contradicts the Wahhabi school of thought which is completely against wearing Talisman or using Quranic Aayat for means of blessing food or otherwise.

I thought to write this article since the faith in using Quranic Aayat to remedy many issues in ones life is diminishing fast. This is because of lack of knowledge & wisdom in the current climate of the world. The Sufi faith in spirituality that is one of the oldest forms of Islam is submerged into mist and doubt by corrosive ideologist’s that are  out to harm & rid the Sufi way of life & faith.
Caution: Quranic verses are no childs paly. These verses are immensely holy and extremely powerful. The understanding of such verses is not in everyone’s reach or aptitude. Therefore we strongly suggest contacting a spiritual practitioner whom can prescribe you spiritual scripts in a manner appropriate to you. Some of these verses are powerful & can affect people differently so seek advice and don’t venture on your own.. You have been WARNED!!!
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