Remember we do not charge (There is no cost from us)

We can arrange for Taweez to be sent to you to rid ailments in Health, To rid bickering and arguments in the family home, Strong Taweez for successful Birth, Taweez to rid ailments of Stress and Anxiety,.
We can also send Taweez for people hearing negative voices ( Wass –Wasey).  Taweez can also be made and sent for the following ailments:
Jadu-Tona (Black Magic_
Stomach pains
Unsuccessful in finding marriages for Son’s & Daughters..
Improve Career prospects and Job success _
Success in driving lessons.
Improve relations with Son’s and Daughters
Improve relations with Daughter-in-Law
Improve relations between a couple (Spouse)
Improve in Wealth & Peace and Prosperity in oneself and the home.
   Basically for an ultimate Health, Wealth, Peace and Prosperity and strong Imaan ( Faith) we strongly advise you contact us. Since we are Gaddi Nashin ( Descendants ) & Chief Moallim of Dargah Ajmer sharif. 
    It is known fact to the faithful people that no one is deprived of a wish come true when sought from Ajmer Sharif! No one goes empty-handed after asking and begging. Everyone gets their difficulty and troubles resolved at the blessed tomb of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A)
People from all faiths, castes and creed come to Dargha of Ajmer Sharif .. No One is deprived of blessings and wishes, they all come empty-handed and return fulfilled & blessed.
So! Don’t feel Sad and upset by drowning into your own sorrows and Grief. You too can benefit from the supreme blessing from Ajmer Sharif.
   Contact us now for Strong Taweez and effective Wazaif that Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) they themself used to read.    So what have you to lose!      Just try and see for yourself!
   There is no charge for this service. This is Holy script & divine method thus there is no charge. It is also worth mentioning that if someone is charging you for these services then take our word for it you will not find benefit or resolve.
   Remember there is no Price Tag on Divines! We are descendants Gaddi- Nashin & Chief Moallim of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz(R.A). All the time Our sight & mind is on the demise of the great Sufi  Saint not on the worldly Glamour and wealth!
   Whatever your requirement is great or small or if it is a basic request for prayer please do not hesitate to contact us.
  If you just want Tabarukaat from the Blessed shrine of Ajmer sharif .. Then please let us know. There is no charge -Free (Terms & Conditions apply).


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