Sufi Mystic and the Environment



A better atmosphere should prevail in society for good cordial relations. A sober and peaceful environment is a sine qua non for the healthy growth of society. Environment, in fact, is not the outside world. Life and environment are closely inter-related. A change in human beings involves some change in its relations to environment, and a change in environment results in the the changing pattern of life.
Difference in environment means and implies a difference in the habits, customs, manners, and ways of living of the people, constituting the society.
On the other hand, the different ways of living and habits of the people create different environments. Correspondence between life and environments is everywhere felt and perceived.
What retains and maintains the moving equilibrium of life is the process of constant selection and continuous adaptation.
Mysticism, has as its foundations, the positive ideals. Its influence over the thoughts of men cannot be decried or denied. Its positive ideals have lent dignity to society.
Antisocial action is a negative phenomenon, born out of the self assertiveness of man, encouraged by the loosening of social controls, once potent and effective, and now in decay and decline, fostered by the dissolution of the super control of the family, helped by the individual being a unit of society, and induced by the disregard of moral and ethical codes.
No amount of lip service to the ideals of human welfare will provide shelter to man and atone the wrongs done, crimes committed and nefarious activities launched in total disregard to his obligations to his creator above and to his fellow men on earth.
The relationship of the mystic of society has been to guide, teach and inspire. This relationship was not created all of a sudden  by one stroke. It was built upon gradually, slowly but steadily, through the process of time.
It should not abrogate, or renounce or dissolve the pre-existing relationship. But in fact, it should create a positive bond, which may assume a new from and shape mainly through the settlement of a larger share of enlightenment.
Where there is no common interest and a common cause, life becomes dull, dreary, disunited, egoistic, and disintegrating. Common enthusiasm is necessary for an agreeable and stimulating social life.

The Ignoble setup

Now, mark with what ills the modern society is assailed. The breakdown of the moral fibre of modern society has resulted in many vices and evils. The trouble is organic and functional, both.
We see every day, in our midst, appalling poverty and fabulous wealth, existing side by side. The lopsided development of individualism is partly responsible for the disintegration, decay and decline of the modern man.
In modern times the stress on individualism, and on individual legal rights,  has led to the disruption of the old fabric of society, based on consent, self help, mutual help, co-operative effort, voluntary effort and mutual respect.
Success in life has come to be judged by exploits, economic or otherwise, and by spectacular performance on the stage of the world. There is cheap reward for empty praise. People are in search of transient calm and happy scenes, which may soothe the outer senses, bestow inward peace and lull the sense of woe.
The cosmetic culture has come to be recognized as a sign of a higher standard of living. But, it is wrong to judge the standard of living by material acquisitions. A higher standard of living, in fact, implies love for Truth, Beauty and Light; a spirit of toleration; patience; perseverance; intellectual and mental honesty; and by simple living and high thinking.
The modern society is sustained by the forces of the pulpit, the platform and the press. The modern methods of publicity, like posters, pamphlets and processions, dramas, dances and demonstrations, songs, sayings and slogans, serve to create public opinion, which is, more often neither public nor opinion.
The modern contractual and economic norms and standards have hit hard the solidarity of society.
The breakdown of the moral fibre of modern society has resulted in raping; plunder; sabotage; strikes; child delinquency; increasing number of offences; vice; intemperance; brothel houses; hoarding; smuggling; profiteering; black-marketing; evasion of taxes; appalling overcrowding; family breakdown; deterioration of housing standards; student unrest; absence of moral restraints; loss of community initiative and reliance; increasing maladjustment between population and food supply; a low percentage of literacy; acute poverty; indolence; idleness; frivolous suits; vexatious cases; malicious prosecutions; false affidavits; perjury; harsh laws,delayed justice; fraudulent weights and measures; increasing numbers of divorce cases; vindictive litigation; adulteration; manipulation; and exploitation.
In such an atmosphere of jarring and abhorring influence, it is difficult for an individual to work and function successfully.
There is, thus, the lowering of the standard of living and social collapse, not only of the masses but, also, of a considerable section of the intellectual and upper classes.
unfortunately, there is a complete breakdown of social controls, moral attitudes and ethical standards among myriads of people.

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