The Mystical Interpretation of Colours

The vision of a better life should ever inspire an individual. This is not only necessary for progress, but, also, for self-satisfaction.

When you have hope and courage, then you are said to live. Without hope and courage, life is not worth living. Without hope and courage, you do not live, but, merely exist.

When you exhibit the spirit of self-help and mutual help, then, you live, indeed.

When you have an idea, a goal and a definite purpose in life, then, you live, of course.

When you have faith which can still remove mountains, then, there is no doubt, that you live.

When you have enthusiasm and unflagging zeal, then, you live. Of enthusiasm, Emerson has very aptly said:

“Every great and commanding movement in the annals of the world is the triumph of enthusiasm – nothing great was ever achieved without it.”

If you have fortitude, patience and perseverance, which enable you to successfully overcome many a problem of life, then, of course, you live.

If you lack the spirit of self-help and mutual help, if you lack hope and courage, if you do not possess an iron will, if you are not actuated by an ideal, if you have not set before yourself a definite purpose, if you are not guided and inspired by faith and enthusiasm, if you do not exhibit patience, fortitude and perseverance, then you cannot claim to live. you merely exist. you merely drift in the vast ocean of life. You are at the mercy of the waves. They may take you wherever they like.

Let the modern man come out of the intensive care unit in which he has lived so long. The grey of depression should cease to have any influence upon him. May the Golden Age descend upon the troubled globe, called Earth, where we live and work! Let man forget gold and turn his attention towards God.Let us make progress towards our destined goal. Progress, called by any name, whether enlargement of conscience, or development of social sense or social justice, uplift of humanity or disinterested service rendered, would smell not only sweet, but, would act as balmy breath to those in search of better and higher values of life.

Let us act and behave as if we have recovered from our serious malady and spiritual sickness and mental and moral disequilibrium.

In other words, we should behave as if we are sane, sober and normal persons, no more seized and besieged by narrow outlook, superstitions, intolerance, hatred, envy, selfishness and ill-will.

Let us resolve to learn to live happily and peacefully in a world, which now furnishes us more opportunities to come closer to each other, to understand each other, to help and to assist each other, and to be of use to others. Let us avail the opportunities, which now lie at hand, to give a fillip and to stimulus to the co-operative endeavor and to widen our outlook and to enlarge or mental horizon.

Let us then, pray that our life begins to be coloured in the very near future. By coloured life, I mean and imply a search for new avenues, avenues of universal brotherhood, love, devotion, affection, humanism, recognition of human dignity, the spirit of endurance and endeavour, devoted to the search of Truth.

Man should come out of his self-inflicted misery. This he can do by changing the colour of his thoughts.

The mental body of a person, depicting the colours and striations, can well be seen by the clairvoyant. The colours and striations show his character and his progress. As the mind develops, there is a change in ideas. Change in ideas leads to change in colours.

There are many colours. Some colours are known and there are some colours, which for want of a better name, maybe called unknown colours.

Colours are visible everywhere, in every object and in everything. Every person has his own colour. There is colour in trees and plants. Every flower has a distinct colour. Every fruit displays some colour. There is no animal, and bird, which is devoid of colour. Natural phenomenon is nature’s gift Who is there, who can say that he has not been moved by the colour which such a phenomenon displays? The rising and the setting of the sun should inspire us and delve us deep in the mystery of nature.

The rainbow, which comes and goes, has such a beautiful combination of colours that it must captivate our hearts and give us spiritual ecstasy. There is colour in stones too. Every precious stone displays some colour. Diamond, which may be white or black, is distinct from a ruby, which is red. Ruby is distinct from emerald, which is green and emerald is distinct from sapphire, which is blue. There are other precious stones, which differ from one another on account of their colour.

Every piece of art exhibits some colour. There can be no painting without some colour. Calligraphy implies the right use of colour.

Preference of certain colour is personal. One type of colour may appeal to one person. The same colour may not be liked by another person. This personal preference becomes apparent in their dress and in their living. Some people have their drawing rooms and their bedrooms, displaying the type of colour that, they like,and admire extol most.

Green: Grey Green; Emerald-green; Pale-luminous blue-green; Bright apple-green; Bottle-green

Yellow: Dull-Yellow; Primrose-yellow; Gold -yellow

Blue:  Light-blue; Violet-blue; Luminous Lilac-blue; Sky-blue

Red:   Lurid-red; Sanguinary-red; Ultra-red

Violet:  Ultra-violet

White: White is White

Brown: Brown grey; Brown-red; Greenish-brown

Characteristics of Colours

Every colour has its own characteristic. Every colour expresses emotions. Let us take each colour one by one.

Grey: It signifies depression. It surrounds a person in such a way that it appears that the person is in a cage.

Grey livid: It is a hideous colour. It implies fear.

Black: it shows hatred and malice.

Lurid and sanguinary red:  It is a mark of sensuality.

Grey-brown: It stands for selfishness.

Orange: It is a mark of pride.

Indigo: Signifies selfless love.

Greenish-brown: It stands for jealousy.

Brown-red: It indicates greed and avarice.

Scarlet cloud: It shows irritability.

Crimson: It manifests selfish love.

Ultra-violet: it marks out the development of psychic faculties in its higher and nobler forms.

Ultra-red: It is opposed to Ultra-violet. It denotes psychic faculties too, but, in a lower and baser form, indicating evil, mischief and ignoble forms of magic.

Green: It is a neutral colour and stands for adaptability and the spirit of toleration.

Grey-green: It signifies treachery, deceit and deception.

Emerald-green: It is just opposite to and better than Grey-green. It is free from selfishness. It betokens ingenuity, resourcefulness and above all versatility.

Pale, luminous blue-green: it signifies adaptability. It is a mark of mercy, compassion and sympathy.

Bright apple-green: It signifies force, vigour and vitality.

Blue: Dark and clear blue stands for, and is an expression of religious feeling. It may be Grey-blue or Violet blue or Indigo blue.

Violet: Indicates psychism.

Light-Blue: As indicated in cobalt, is the sure sign of dedication and devotion to a spiritual ideal, which is noble, lofty and sublime.

Violet blue: Blue mixed with Violet signifies love, affection and devotion.

Luminous lilac blue: It has generally golden stars, which are bright and sparkling. It indicates higher form of spirituality, manifesting noble, sublime and lofty spiritual aspirations.

White: It denotes purity.

Changing Colours

The thought-forms change with the change of ideas and ideals. With the change of thought-forms, the colours are also changed. A person may like one colour today. He may like another colour tomorrow. The reason for this sudden or gradual change is not far to seek.  It is due to his change of ideas. It is due to his pursuit of different ideals. It is due to the change in his thoughts, transforming them into a different person, having a different outlook on life.

Real change is the change of thoughts. Inner revolution, which is a change of thoughts, may be termed a new birth.

I can say from my own personal experience, that, there was a time in my life, when I had a liking and a fascination for the colour called Emerald-green. I preferred to see Emerald-green all around me. My coat was green. I used to wear an emerald ring. I used to write with a green fountain pen. But, after some time, I underwent a change in the preference of colours. I began to be attracted more and more towards the colour blue. When I could not see blue, I used to feel uneasy, distracted and dismayed. I had a piece of paper painted blue and I would gaze at it. By seeing it, I got a sense of relief and satisfaction. I think, that this type of change comes in the life of everyone at some stage, when a person automatically, and voluntarily, votes for the colour of his new preference.

The colours of objects, which surround a person, have also, a vital bearing on his life and thoughts. The colours of objects kindle the feelings and produce the thoughts, which are in conformity with those colours. The walls, the furniture and the carpets have, also, their own effect. The colours of birds, animals, trees, plants and flowers, also, exert their influence. The blue colour of a peacock, the green colour of a parrot, and the red colour of a rose create distinct feelings and thoughts.  The selected colours in places of worship, in centers of learning and in places of meditation are meant to create feelings and a condition of mind, appropriate to imbibe the spirit of the occasion.

The mental development of a person is a slow and a gradual process, Unlike physical development, which is achieved through physical exercises, mental development requires the training of the mind and the senses.

Education and training, meditation, contemplation, introspection, good company, good books, good associations, literature, art and poetry, study of scriptures, and above all suffering, trials and tribulations, serve as aids, leading to the mental and moral development of man. Suffering is a teacher, and we have to learn many things from the stern teacher called suffering.

The First thing necessary for mental and moral development is self-control. Without self-control, thoughts cannot be controlled, and without thoughts being controlled the mind cannot be controlled, and when the mind is not controlled a person is at the mercy of his thoughts. They may lead him to do what he, in fact, does not want to do.

Such being the case, the person without self-control, will be ever in confusion and in an agitated mood, keeping him dissatisfied and ever restless.

This aspect of emotion life lands a person in untold misery. He suffers emotional shock with the result, that, the colours of his thought-forms are diffused and disturbed. He becomes irritable and volatile. He is ever changing, not knowing his exact goal or destination. He is capable of doing antisocial actions.

In the mental body of subnormal person, the thought-form of scarlet is prominently displayed. This means, that he is actuated by the thoughts of sensuality, deceitfulness, selfishness, greed and lust. He is liable to show anger at the slightest provocation.

In an ordinary man, there is more of the colours of rose-pink and blue, indicating love and devotion, respectively, than yellow, which signifies intellect. Green is above the scarlet.

The developed man exhibits pure violet, indicating spiritual aspiration. The colours of orange (Pride), scarlet (anger) and brown (selfishness) have disappeared.

A spiritually developed person is a unique phenomenon of God on earth. He exhibits love, devotion, sympathy and intellectual aspirations, continually at the same time, without break or pause. The corresponding colours of those feelings, emotions and thought-form are prominently displayed in him.

He is responsive to the higher working of life. Higher intellect and loftier emotions enrich his life.

The element of yellow is predominant in a matter-of- fact person. He is not very emotional nor very imaginative. He does not share much power and enthusiasm. He is careful and vigilant. He is ever on guard.

An intuitional man exhibits more of blue colour; but, the colour is not very bright. There is not order. Everything is ill-regulated. He suffers, but, his suffering pays. Through his suffering, he makes great strides, progresses and thus becomes what he is.

In the scientific type of man, the colours are in regular lines, and lines of demarcation are clear, precise and definite.

Sometimes, intellectual development taken to the extreme, results in the total, or partial disappearance of devotional feelings, and in the considerable reduction of sensuality.

A perfect man has everything within him. What is acquired first and what is acquired last, does not matter the least.

A sudden shock assumes the form of livid, grey mist. Intensity of anger assumes the colour of blackness. Fear makes all the colours dim. Livid, grey mist is an indication of fear.

When in love, things are otherwise. A lover not only sighs and sobs on ‘the midnight pillow’ but he also drives away the green colour and imbibes brownish-green which signifies jealousy. The bright scarlet-flashes overtake him, which indicate anger. There is an improvement in him of the blue colour which is a mark of devotion. There is also a touch of pale violet. The splendid band of crimson in him shows selfish love. Yellow of intellect entirely vanishes.

A young child has white in his aura. With the development of qualities, colours begin to assume form.

The quality of thought and emotion determines colour. Mystical thought and the psychic faculties have their own colours, which for want of an exact name, cannot be described.

A man can be judged by his colours and his striations. The favourite colour of man proclaims the man.

Colour Therapy

We are living in an Industrial age. We spend most of the time in rooms, tenements, factories, workshops, cottages and apartments, where we have artificial light. Under such conditions, the importance of colour and light is evident. This calls for colour therapy.

Light is the most important environmental input after food, as it controls bodily functions.

Colours are not used in the treatment of different types of diseases. There is an influential section of the medical practitioners who assert and claim that, the pills, capsules and surgery are not as effective and useful as colour therapy.

It is said, that, some of the diseases, with which the modern man suffers, have a psychosomatic component.

Colour has a physiological effect. Light has a noticeable effect on blood pressure and respiration. The significant effects of some positions of the electromagnetic spectrum are too well known.

The x-rays, microwaves, ultra-violet rays and the cobalt rays are now used for variety of diseases and ailments.

Colours, not only affect blood pressure and respiration, but, also, brain activity and bio-rhythms.

The ultra-violet rays serve as a check on black lung disease. The Ultra-violet lamps are fast replacing the fluorescent light. It increases work ability. It saves from cold. It prevents, to a great extent, the inflammation of mucous membrane, known as catarrhal infection.

The ultra-violet treatment is also useful for skin diseases, especially for psoriasis, which is a virulent type of skin disease, displaying red patches. Herpes sores are healed by fluorescent light. Photosensitizing drugs are also used with the fluorescent light.

A standard treatment, now replacing the blood transfusions for those babies born with fatal jaundice, is the bath of blue light.

Passive pink has replaced force. It regulates the health and behavior of unruly manic and psychotic children. The pacifying effect of passive pink is useful to pacify children. They tend to relax and become clam.

Colours are also used to control the mind. In some restaurants, we find red being displayed. This is with a view to increasing the appetite. Ultra-violet is used to make up the mental deficiency of children.

Colour also sets the mood, and this, in its turn, affects health. Designers and interior decorators know this secret.

Expert designers are engaged to decorate the interior of a sea-ship, the places of worship the hospitals, the operation theatre, the drawing room and the bedroom.

Psychological effects of colour may be physiological in some cases, and they may not be physiological in other cases.

Sometimes, in some schools, to make the children better behaved and more attentive, the colours of the walls are changed from orange and white colours to royal and light blue. The orange rug is replaced by a grey carpet.  Full spectrum lighting takes the place of fluorescent lights. The result of all this proves satisfactory. Besides making the children calm and peaceful, it reduces their blood pressure.

The pituitary and the pineal glands, the two very important force-centers in the body of man, are also affected by the electromagnetic energy displayed by colours. The development of the pineal gland is healthy sign of spiritual growth, but, its early and premature or swift development is not without danger to mind, or body, or to both.

Man has not only a physical body, but there are in him other bodies too, namely sensation-body, mental-body and an intuition-body. An ordinary man may not see them, but to trained psychic, they are perceptible. The reason is that the pineal gland and pituitary gland which were lying dormant have been awakened by the psychic.  The latent faculties of the two glands have been awakened.

A trained psychic sees the colours of sound and also the human aura. He also perceives other vibrations.

Music has a moral effect. It can inspire moral feelings. On the emotional body, music has great effect. The vibrations of music have a very marked effect. The emotional body is susceptible to the vibratory influence. Each note of music actually produces a colour. Sound and colour have close association. There are some people who associate colours with tones of music. A trained psychic is capable of perceiving colours, produced by the vibrations of musical instruments. Every note suggests a different colour. Music manifests colour and thoughts-forms. Some colours are pure and clean. Some colours are muddy. The mind and the intention of the composer determine the colour.

Colour blindness implies the inability to distinguish colours. There are primary colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. There are Local colours, Neutral colours, Positive colours, Complementary colours and Subjective or Accidental colours. Every national flag has its own different colours. Every flag or ensign of a regiment displays the military colour.

To some psychics vowels represent different colours.


a              represents violet;

e             represents yellow;

ee           stands for indigo;

I               signifies orange;

o             represents red;

u             manifests blue; and

OO         signifies green.

According to other psychics;

a              stands for blue;

e             stands for white;

I               represent black;

o             signifies whitey-brownish;

u             signifies opaque brown.


Thought-vibration is far-reaching, more powerful and lasting than thought-form. Anger or irritation takes the form of a splash of red and orange. The form of a yellow snake depicts intense curiosity or desire to know. A brownish snake represents jealousy.

Unwavering and sustained devotion is exhibited in form, which resembles a flower. It may be due to this fact that Sufi devotees and others offer flowers at the tombs of saints and at other places of religious importance and worship.

Clinging to coloured life

Every thought has its own vibrations, and these vibrations give birth to colours. Hence, the thought should be positive and lofty in order to ensure that the vibrations may be sound.

A concentrated Self brings about the desired result. Hope is the best diamond. The lustre of such a diamond lends lustre to life.

If the thought has force, vigour, vitality and strength, then the thought-forms are bright and brilliant.

Success goes to the talented, committed optimist and the enthusiast.

Be your own Columbus, and discover not a country or a continent, but, your own colours.

Live simply, think calmly, act wisely, work hopefully and look forward confidently.

Let us sow a seed, which may come out into a flower.



Give me love and leisure,

Let them come in abundant measure.

Give me light and learning,

This I ask for with deep yearning

Give me strength the challenges of life to bear, with serenity of mind, calmly and without fear.




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