The signature of happiness.

Pessimism is the negation of faith. Faith is the source of power, inner strength and happiness.

We do not know what is in store for us in the coming days or months. But, there is no cause to be dismayed or dejected. Let us hope for the best, and let us expect and trust that something good will come out in the coming days and months.

A Sufi mystic has an optimistic outlook. Optimism is born of positive thoughts, whereas pessimism is the result of negative thinking.

Hope is a great stimulus and an urge to creative living. It is, indeed, a force to be reckoned with. Hope, in a way, is a type of autosuggestion. What one hopes, that he gets.

Let me offer you my cordial greetings for a happy, bright and a prosperous coming  future. Let us move on hopefully with Faith as our armour, and, Hope as our lantern. It is true, that, our present day world is seething with faction and discontent. The present day world is divided into watertight compartments. There are ideological difference. There are cultural contrasts. There are invidious distinctions of caste, colour, religion and region. But, in spite of all this, the difficulties and the problems facing the modern man can by surmounted, provided we have the spirit of toleration and mutual adjustment.

It is a divided world dominated by the false notions of prestige. There are no common aims and no common ideals. It is a divided world because we have divided loyalties. The situation is explosive. Modern man is playing with match sticks. He is, in fact, sitting on the serpent’s pit.

In the interest of world peace, better life, better living and better business, the mutual suspicions should give place to mutual trust. Mutual rivalries, likewise, should be replaced by mutual co-operation. Our modern world is an interdependent world. It is characterized by the mosaic of different notions, norms, customs, cultures, manners, usages, religions and different lifestyles. The Sufi Mystics have a definite role to play. They should inspire, guide, and teach the people to face challenges and overcome problems besetting them. Human happiness should be their paramount consideration.

Any future  resolutions should for an example emphasize the need for the harmonious working of society, free from threats, whether they be cultural, political, economic or social. The Charter of Human Happiness should emphasize equality of opportunities, full employment, proper education, efficient health services, care for the handicapped and the disabled, social justice, respect for individual dignity, less preaching and more practice, less greed and more contentment, less selfishness and more sacrifice, less egoism and more altruism, less pride and more humbleness, less luxury and more simplicity and no hatred and all love.

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