Wisdom & Virtues of a Sufi Mystic & society




Concentration is a great gift. It secures quick results and saves time and energy. The cause of unhappiness and misery of mankind has  been the striving and struggling for physical pleasures.
The rise above the sensory life means to be free from the shackles and burdens and to cease to be a slave to the mind. The mind, if not placed under the control of will, becomes tyrannous and dangerous.
It is the power of concentration which distinguishes man from the animal. Concentration is a passport to success.
Along with concentration, the power of detachment should be inculcated and acquired.
Training of mind implies regular breathing,to sit easily spine kept free and erect, and breathing in such a way that breath passes through the body to reach the mind, and controls the body.

The invisible helper

A Sufi mystic is fragment of the Rock of Ages, People depend upon him for he is a man of integrity. He sands firm when others fail. He is a friend, faithful, full of compassion and love. At times, he assumes the role of an adviser, honest, frank and fearless. When truth is threatened he stands as and adversary, just, bold and chivalrous.
A Sufi Mystic is a teacher who arouses a feeling for good actions.
A Sufi Mystic, equipped and armed as he is, with truth, purity, integrity, unselfishness, kindness, mercy, forgiveness and the spirit of generosity, can conquer the world and face successfully the whole universe in opposition.
Kindness in one’s own self, according to the Sufi mystic, is of great importance, for such kindness is the honey that blunts the sting of unkindness in another.
The Sufi mystic is really a free man. His detached outlook and his indifference towards things which really do not matter make him free from the customary norms and standards. He is not servant of the Sovereign. He is not interested in fame. Profit and loss are to him meaningless conceptions.
He is a free man, he is free in his actions, free in his person, and free in his time.

 The problem

Anxiety and worry imply lack of faith.
Self is hindrance to self-Realization.
The Panacea
Self-knowledge is wisom
Self- Control is strength.
Calmness is power.
Calmness of mind is beautiful jewel of wisdom.
Right thought is mastery.

Old wine for new bottles. 

To serve is to live.
To be humble is to be wise.
To be miser is to invite misery.
To be calm and collected is to attract success.
To continuously smile through the corridor of time is to reach the desired goal.
To Criticize others is misuse of time.
To give hope to others is to give something more than a treasure.
To possess a thankful heart is to have the parent of all other virtues.
To expect the best is to get the best.
In the Changed social setup the mystic has come to be looked upon as a messenger of goodwill and love. In recent years, significant advance has been made in the thinking of the people. There is, now, among them, and increasing accumulation of sentiment in favour of reform and progress.

 Democratic values

It is true that freedom, Brotherhood and tolerance are democratic values. But, it is a sad commentary on the state of modern society that these cherished ideals are not withing easy reach.
The advent of opportunity should bring with it the rise of confident, sure and chesty feeling. Every calamity should be turned into an opportunity.


The harmonious working of society implies a certain degree of foresight and solidarity.
Society is an ever changing complex system. Society implies the web of social relationships. It is a system of many groupings and divisions. There are different procedures of authority, of mutual aid and controls of human behaviour.
There are laws guaranteeing individual liberty and privacy, and assuring freedom of thought, and freedom to follow any religion, profession, avocation or occupation.
Society involves both likeness and difference. It implies the sense of belonging together.
Every member of society has certain rights and certain duties. Every right implies a corresponding duty.  Every member of society, thus, is expected to seek something,and give something.
Every society has a different social system. It may be just, unjust, co-operative, exploitative or parasitical.

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