Ya Hussain ! (R.A)


Oh! you whose light illuminates
The ones that reach Heaven’s Gates
You are the reason why my eyes
Cried more tears than rain drops fell from the Skies
Our Holy Prophet held you when you were born
Overwhelmed with joy & sorrow….he was torn
He cried for you
Zahra was confused & wondered what did you do
Oh Noor Galby, your so called crime
Is inviting others in worship to the Sublime
You are the Ultimate Sacrifice
Receiving extreme injustice to in return gain the Justice
You paid a hefty price
And you paid it with your life
They decapitated your Holy Head
Which is better than being mentally dead
Hussain, you taught me to die rather than live dying
You taught me to live in truth and to die trying
What words describe the ambiance of the desert sand?
While alone you stand
Patience was what you advocated
Even after witnessing loved ones being annihilated
How many tears can an eye shed?
How much has your heart bled?
But Zainab still proclaimed, “I see nothing but beauty
To strive for Islam is our duty.”
Your death gave us life
Thanks to you we know how to overcome strife
We continue to remember your name till this day
You did not die in vain ! ! !

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