Q: I have asked for Wazaif (Ayat e Karima ) to be read in the Dargah do I also pay by donations button?

A: Yes you do, as, Wazaif are read by credible people who have been vetted to read Wazaif properly in the Dargah Sharif and also monitored by the Dargah administration. These Wazaif readers are poor people and thus, while they are reading Wazaif on your behalf,  they need a means of earning to feed their families, while they are engaged with your Wazaif which can take days or weeks.
Therefore you are donating this money to them, so, this is a charitable cause in itself. We do not make any profit on this whats-so-ever. Actually, we do not make any profit on money coming through as Nonprofit causes since this is all designated for Charitable Causes.

Q: I want to Give Qurbani, can I donate through Ajmer sharif?

A: Yes you can. Please contact us before you do this since Qurbani prices do change over time so make sure you contact us before you submit your donation.

Q: I have a small donation. This is not enough to fulfill any good cause can I donate it so, it gets contributed towards some good?

A:  Yes certainly!  The majority of the donators contribute towards charity projects in Part, within Dargah Sharif. It is a rare occasion where one donator contributes to the full project or cause outright!

Q: Upon paying online via the ‘PayPal’ donate button will I get a receipt?

A: Yes! definitely, you will get a receipt in your email confirming your donation to “Ajmer Sharif Dargah- India”. It will also have our Telephone number and email address should you have a query regarding your donation. As well as the Payal receipt you will get a personal email directly from us from Ajmer Sharif Dargah-India.

Q: I would like to donate to a good cause in the Dargah sharif or other good cause that Ajmer sharif dargah support and sponsor. However, I would like to come in person and complete this while I am there my self. Is this possible?

​A: Yes! definitely .. Why Not?… Contact us with your views and intentions we can work with you to fulfill your intention.

Q: Many years ago I made a wish / Intention (Mannat) that I will give a Donation towards Ajmer sharif charity if my Mannat (Wish) came true. How do I fulfill this?

A: This is simply processed by contacting us after your wish (Mannat) has been granted to inform us how you would like us to execute your wish to complete your Mannat or Intention. It could have been to feed so many poor people or to donate a fixed value of cash to an orphanage ..etc..etc.

Q: Can I deposit it in your bank account?
A: Certainly you can! this is the safest way. Please do let me know what your donation is for, so, I can contribute it on your behalf for the correct cause as intended.

Q: I have requested Spiritual Healing treatment for my Ailment. I have been told the cost will be approx £250-£300. Can you please tell me how this money will be used and spent? Since you claim that no profit is made.

A: When you request a Spiritual Assessment from Ajmer Sharif the Spiritual Master informs you in an honest manner of their Spiritual findings. Should you decided to proceed with their treatment then they will assess the cost to you this could be:

  • Kalamaat (Mantrams) Read by the poor who have been checked and vetted by the Dargah. This is a means of earning for the poor.
  • Charitable work, Such as feeding the poor and needy on behalf of you in order to attract divinity to your aura.
  • Qurbani –  In some Spiritual treatment, it is necessary to part take in Qurbani to relieve the suffering of an Ailment. Sometimes this can be for every member of the family in the household.
  • Khatam Sharif read on behalf of you and the food distributed amongst the Poor at the Dargah sharif.

Q: I am suffering a lot and don’t really believe in spirituality will the treatment of Sufi Healing work on me?
A: Spirituality works only if you have faith in it. We strongly suggest you keep away if you have considerable doubts… Don’t waste your money!

Q: Do you Guarantee your work?

A: Spirituality is such that no Guarantee can be given, Spiritual Healing is a prayer to the Almighty. We can only hope and pray that our methods of Healing are accepted in the Lord’s throne. We use prayers, Charitable and Humanitarian work to ease life & assist the deprived and needy.

Q: Can I come to Ajmer Sharif Dargah in India to witness the Charitable & humanitarian work done on behalf of myself?

A: Certainly! this is encouraged. We look forward to assisting you with Visa formalities and meet and greet at the Airports.. Rest assured!

Q: I have asked for a Spiritual Assessment & treatment to be done via Ajmer Sharif Descendants. What does this entail?

A: The spiritual assessment will be done after which treatment is suggested. This is free of charge. However, some treatments do incur a charge where costs are involved in treatment. For instance reading of Wazaif by 40 People etc..Herbal medicine …etc.We do not make any profit on these charges. We are a not-for-profit, Humanitarian organisation.
We can only suggest the structure of the remedy. The rest is up to you.

Q: I have been told a certain charge will be incurred in my treatment. After this has been paid will there be further charges?

A: In very rare cases yes there is a possibility that you may incur further charges. This is similar to medical Health practitioners, where you pay for medicine or health treatment & then things turn in a different direction or lead to complications that were not expecting. Thus to treat these, further costs can be incurred.  We regret this when this happens but, it is something out of our control. We like to be as honest, clear & transparent as possible.

Q: I have donated money to Ajmer Sharif’s charitable causes. How quickly will this money be spent on the intended cause?

A: Normally within 24  hours of us receiving money. We do not invest or bank money we spend the donation as quickly as possible on the intended cause.

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