Annual Urs message from Ajmer sharif Dargah

Asslam Alikum

(Peace & blessings to be on all!)

Mubarak to all in celebration of the 809th Urs (Annual Commemoration) of the great Sufi Saint :Hzrt Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Sanjari Chishty (R.A), Also known as ” Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (Benefactor of the poor).

In the Royal court of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz We pray for all Mankind throughout the world regardless of faith,colour, gender,caste or creed.We pray & seek that all in the world regardless of who they are to have strong & steadfast faith, Good Health, Wealth, peace, prosperity & success. We further pray that this suffering as a result of this epidemic comes to an end & thus, allowing the world to live normal lives once again.

We pray that all conflicts, in the world cease, end and bring a stop to people’s lives, homes & lands from being destroyed for the sake of lust & greed. We pray for any disagreements between the people & their governments or ruling elite throughout the world to come to amicable reasoning & outcome for the sake of humanity & peace. We pray for all individuals to stay strong, be loyal & honest working & serving citizens of their respective countries. Remember your own countries are your motherland. We pray that communities throughout the world look after & serve their vulnerable & seniors in society with great respect, sensitivity & care as they would expect. We pray for all pious wishes & desires for all to be granted. We pray for all deceased throughout the world regardless of who or what they were without any form of discrimination of any sort. We pray for their forgiveness, elevation status in the world hereafter.

Ameen sum Ameen!

Haji peer Syed Farough Ahmed Chishty Niazi

Gaddi Nashin & Chief Moallim(Descendant; caretaker & Key holder ).

Ajmer Sharif Dargah




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Important Sufiana events in Ajmer Sharif Dargah –India, during the month of Rajab 1442 Hijri. The dates are given with coinciding Georgian dates. Please refer to your countries lunar sighting for correct dates as, these differ from country to country.


Sunday 14th February 2021

1st Rajab 1442 Hijri

Ajmer sharif Urs begins and Jannati Darwaza will be opened.

*Urs of Hazrat Khawaja Abu Ahmed Chishty (R.A)

*Urs of Hazrat Khwaja Maudood Chishty (R.A) _______________________________________________________________

Tuesday 16th February 2021

3rd Rajab 1442 Hijri

Urs of Hazrat Owais Qarani (Radi Allahu anhu) Raqqa (Syria)


Friday 19th February 202

16th Rajab 1442 Hijri

Monthly – Chattie Sharif & Annual (809th)

Urs of Hzrt Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A).

Jannati Darwaza will be closed.

Urs of Hazrat Haji Sharif Zandani Chishty (R.A)


Wednesday 24th February 2021

11th Rajab 1442 Hijri

Monthly – Ghyarmee Sharif of Hzrt Ghouse al Azam (R.A)


Friday 26th February 2021

13 Rajab 1442 Hijri

*Wiladat (Birthday) of Hazrat Maula Ali Mushkil Khusha (Karam Allah Wajhu).

*Urs Hazrat Hassam Uddin (R.A)- Sambhar Sharif Rajasthan ____________________________________________________________________

Saturday 27th February 2021

14th Rajab 1442 Hijri

Wiladat (Birthday) of Hzrt Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Sanjari Chishty Ajmeri (R.A) _________________________________________________________________

Thursday 4th March 2021

19 Rajab 1442 Hijri

Urs of Hazratha Hafiza Bibi Syeda Hafiz Jamal Sahiba (R.A)- Ajmer, Daughter of Hzrt Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Sanjari Chishty (R.A).


Saturday 6th March 2021

21st Rajab 1442 Hijri

Ekisvi Sharif- A monthly event of Fathia of Hzrt Mollah Ali (Karam Allah Wajhu).


Sunday 7th March 2021

22 Rajab 1442

Hijri Bara Qul – Ajmer sharif Dargah.

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