Life in Accordance to Sufi Mystics.


According to the the Sufi’s a man living in darkness is not expected to know what is best for him. 

Sometimes it so happens, what is apparently good is not useful; sometimes some trouble is a blessing in disguise; sometimes the handicaps, shortcomings,defects and limitations constitute a means of help given by God.
The peacock has embroidered, beautiful feathers, of which he feels proud, but his legs are ugly and deformed, which he feels  ashamed. But the beautiful feathers do not save the peacock from the clutches of the hunter, whereas his ugly feet do.
The Snake has a soft skin, but its bite is fatal; had its bite not been fatal, perhaps it would not have been killed.
The rose flower is famous of its elegance, delicacy and fragrance but it is not allowed to live long in the garden; grass, Thorny bushes, cypress and neem trees stay longer in the garden than the rose flower.

A Rose flower has his own distiny

In South Asian countries like India, Pakistan,there is a rose flower which is offered at the tomb of some sufi saints or to some deity in the temple; there is another rose flower which is in a garland to be offered to the bride or bridegroom, or some dignitary; there is the rose flower which is placed on a dead body; and there is the rose flower which blossoms forth, withers and falls in the garden, dried up and not looked after.

The Sufi Mystics have an eye on the phenomenal world

They assert that one should mould himself into a rose flower which gives smell, is fresh and is a source of joy to the recipient.
As in the animal and vegetable kingdoms, likewise in the human kingdom, an individual’s limitations become his best friends.
Poverty is abhorred, but honesty has its own benefit, it gives and individual an insight into the realities of life.
A person Steeped in honesty acquires, by and by; the gift of patience,and is endowed with the spirit of contentment. Riches, ordinarily considered as a  gift, sometimes become a source of trouble; they invite enmity, rivalry and jealousy from others.
There is no limit to greed, a person wants more and more, thus depriving himself of inner peace, the spirit of thankfulness, and contentment.

To a Mystic life and death denote different connotations

Assiduous pursuit of the ideal is Life; to fall from that ideal is Death.
There are victories or triumphs, and failures for a mystic also: to be positive in attitude is Triumph or Victory; to be negative constitutes failure.

Below are Sufi words of Wisdom:
Hope is treasure,
Despondency is Sin,
Forgiveness is power,
Revenge is putrefaction,
Generosity is alturusim
Miserliness is a curse,
Love is a give,
Hatred is Blasphemy,
Renunciation is Illumination.
Prejudice is regimentation,
Greed is mockery,
Lust is mischief,
Faith is shield,
Seclusion is safety,
Silence is a sword,
Jealousy is fire.
Desire is deception,
Enmity is foolishness,
Contentment is wealth,
Discrimination is wisdom,
Asceticism is perfection,
Affluence is distraction,
Service is humility,
Sharing is submission,
Imitation is Suicide,
Envy is motivation,
Perseverance is supplication,
Annihilation is nearness,
Poverty is self – abnegation,
Self- Surrender is bliss,
Thought is force,
Success and failure, to a mystic are relative terms,
Joy & sorry are varying moods,
Honour and Humiliation are the norms of society,
Plenty and Penury are the two tests,
Plain and Pleasure is a passing phase,
Influence and power are sleeping pills.

Shorthand is learnt by Practice; practice it if you will. I do not promise miracles but I am sure you will get stable results.

(This is a series of postings to come on the subject of Sufi Mysticism. The postings will give in depth knowledge in the complete world & ultimate sphere of Sufi spirituality).

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