Mehfil e Chishty in Mauritius by Decsendants of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) of Ajmer Sharif.

Mehfil e Chishtia organised by Citizens of Mauritius. Whom invited Hzrt Khwaja Peer Syed Azhar Chishty Niazi & khwaja Peer Syed Faizan Chishty Niazi. Both Guests are Gaddi Nashin & Chief Moallim at Dargah Sharif Ajmer Sharif.
you may contact Peer Sahib via their personal number in the country
Or you can. Make contact on
WhatsApp! Tel:  0091 978 364 6668

Website :
Peer sahib  provide Spiritual treatment for Negative Spiritual Possessions, Depression, Body Pain-Joint Pain,Pray for success for the Unemployed,Stress,Devil Extraction, Success in Litigation cases,Pray for success in finding suitable Life Partner,Remedy for any unexplained Medical ailment,Anger Management,Remedy for Negative Personality, Success in Exams: Educational,Driving or any other Exam or test. Sleeping Disorder’s,Sleep walking, Nightmares,Children Behaviour Problems. Childless Woman,Skin Disorders,Pimples. Addictions,such as: Drug abuse,Alcoholics,Obesity etc…etc.. Basically any ailment that is considered unexplained by modern Medicine can achieve successful results, through prayer,Fatih Healing – Sufi Healing!…
…..Inshallah! (God Willing!)



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