** PANJVIE SHARIF (Monthly event)**

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The Monthly Mehfil- Hazrat Khawaja Usman-e-Harooni (R,A)**
This Fathia (Tribute Prayer) – Hazrath Usman – E- Harooni takes place on every                Fifth of Lunar Month in Ajmer Sharif.
This event is known as “Panjvie Sharif”. (The 5th)

Therefore this month, it takes place on:
5th Jamadi ul Awwal 1437H.
This approx on: Sunday 14th or Monday 15th of February  2016
(Depending on Lunar date of your country).
Hazrat Usman- e – Harooni (R.A)(526-617 AH) were an early day Sufi Saint, a successor to Haji Shareef Zandani (R.A), fourteenth link in the Sufi Silsilah of Chishti Order, and the Master of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti (R.A). They were born in Haroon, Iran around 526 Hijri.

Ajmer Sharif Urs is on 9th April -17th April 2016. Please inform us if you are attending the blessed Urs, so we can make arrangements for you.
Coming to Ajmer Sharif
If you, or your loved one’s are intending to come to Ajmer Sharif for Ziarat (Pilgrimage) then please contact us on the details below, so we can assist you in every way we can, to make your Pilgrimage swift,peaceful,effective,blessed & prosperous!
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